Here is a complete list of the writers for the magazine the year we published, in order of appearance. Where possible, we have linked to more information about the author, be it a personal website, in some cases Wikipedia, or just links to other work they've published online. In all cases, we have tried to find accuarate information, but if we've somehow placed a false link here, and someone notices, please contact us and let us know. Or if you have a better link for any of the authors listed here, also send it to us, and we'll update the link accordingly. And of course, if you have any information about any of the writers we have no further information about, please let us know!

Whit Frazier – V1 - V12
Joshua Lefkowitz – V2, V3, V5
Gary Simmonds. – V2
Duncan Birmingham – V3
Billy Ramone – V4
Brian Seabolt – V4, V9
Wanda Albano – V5
Max Farrow – V5
Martin A. David – V6
Kyle Ancowitz – V6
Brian Schell – V7
Kiley Jon Clark – V7
Robert Levin – V7
Johanna Goldstein – V7
Ashley Shelby – V9
Carol Gavin – V9
Ijosé Benin – V9
Jeff Glovsky – V10
Heitham Black – V10
Adam Elkus – V10
Kyle Flak – V11
Cris Ritchie – V11